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Contact Us

Please Email: RichardDeter@Outlook.com

Subject:  CareManager Pro Software Trial Review

Please include:
Your Full Name, Company, Address, Phone Number and best day and time to return your call

Call Toll Free (888) 669-9697 Ext 2 or 407-222-6533
for more immediate service!

  We use a live webinar connection via GoToMeeting.com as if we are sitting next to you at your keyboard.

After your review of CareManager Pro (schedule about 30-45 minutes) on features and functionality we will install a full-version install on your Windows-Based PC or Mac.

We set up of your custom preferences, services decriptions, pricing and defaults to make your review as realistic as to how you would manage your data so you have "hands-on" for time for you to make an "informed purchase decision" - NO Obligation!

  • If you do not move forward with purchase and licensing...simply Remove / Delete the software from your using your Control Panel - Add and Remove Programs

Thank you for your interest in CareManager Pro