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Please Email: caremanagerpro@hotmail.com

Subject:  CareManager Pro
Software Trial Review

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Your Full Name, Company, Address, Phone Number and best day and time to return your call

Have Questions Now - Order a Trial CD by Phone:
Call Toll Free (888) 669-9697 Ext 2
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  • We provide you install assistance and set up of your custom references and defaults to make your review as realistic as to how you want to manage your data.  We use a live webinar connection via GoToMeeting.com so it is as if we are sitting next to you at your keyboard

  • We provide a 30 minutes live tutorial on features and functionality - show you how to use the program then you can use the software for remaining trial period - NO Obligation!

  • If you do not move forward with purchase and licensing...simply Remove / Delete the software from your PC using your Control Panel - Add and Remove Programs

Thank you for your interest in CareManager Pro  software