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Special Links Page

CareManager Pro
makes it easy for you to quickly access some of the best health and medical information indexes on the web.
We've structured a "portal" to get to an array of select websites, cutting through their Home Pages and linking you directly to the information indexes you are looking for.

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lState Specific Advance Directives - All States for Current Forms 
DISCLAIMER:  We do not provide specific information for your exact situation.  We can not decide that our forms are appropriate for you.  Because we cannot decide which forms are best for your individual situation, you must use your judgment and to the extent that you believe appropriate, the assistance of a lawyer

National Web-Links to Government Agencies and other Aging and Healthcare Related Sites

lAdministration on Aging - a wide ranging source of information on aging sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

lAlzheimer's Association - The largest national voluntary health organization supporting Alzheimer's research and care.

lAmerican Association of Homes and Services for the Aging - A national association committed to advancing the vision of healthy, affordable, ethical long-term care for America . The association represents 5,600 mission-driven, not-for-profit nursing homes, continuing care retirement communities, assisted living and senior housing facilities, and community service organizations.

lAmerican Association of Retired Persons  - A nonprofit, non partisan membership organization for people over 50.

lAmerican Health Care Association - A non-profit federation of affiliated state health organizations representing the long term care community to the nation at large – to government, business leaders, and the general public.

lAmerican Parkinson Disease Association, Inc. A comprehensive resource for those interested in Parkinson’s Disease, treatments of Parkinson’s Disease, current medical breakthroughs, and support group for Parkinson’s Disease.

lAmerican Society on Aging A resource for those interested to enhance the knowledge and skill of older adults and their families.

lCenters for Medicare and Medicaid Services - A valuable resource with information on all of the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

lDepartment of Veterans Affairs - Official government site for American Veterans, their spouses, survivors and dependants .

lHealthfinder - A Federal Website that links to carefully selected information and Web sites from over 1,800 health-related organizations.

lLast Acts - A national Coalition to improve care and caring near the end of life

lMedicare - The official U.S. Government site for People with Medicare.

lMedLineAn extensive collection of published medical information form The National Library of Medicine.

lMesotheliomagroup.comHigh-quality and reliable information about mesothelioma, so you can understand the disease, find the best treatment, and learn about the latest research.

lNational Academy of Elder Law Attorneys - A resource of information, education, networking and assistance to those who must deal with the many specialized issues involved with legal services to the elderly and disabled.

lThe National Center on Elder Abuse - A consortium of six partners who provide elder abuse information to professionals and the public.

lNational Council on Aging - Dedicated to promoting the dignity, self-determination, well being, and contributions of older persons.

lNational Family Caregivers Association - A grass roots organization created to educate, support, empower and speak up for the millions of Americans who care for chronically ill, aged or disabled loved ones.

lNational Institutes of Health - The Nation's Medical Research Library

lNational Stroke Association A resource for those interested in researching the causes of strokes, support groups, current events, and medical breakthroughs for strokes

lNational Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers - A non-profit, professional organization of practitioners whose goal is the advancement of dignified care for the elderly and their families.

lNational Guardianship Association - Promotes a nationally recognized standard of excellence in guardianship.

lThe Mesothelioma Center - Asbestos.com is an up-to-date resource for all issues ranging from mesothelioma facts to treatment options

lMedical Professional Field's Associations and Societies

lNational Nurse Practitioners & Nursing Organizations

lSeniorProA resource for those interested in researching senior care providers, their referrals, and recommendations

lUnited Way - A portal to any local United Way agency.

National Nurse Practitioners & Nursing Organizations


lFlorida Agency for Health Care Administration A resource guide for those interested in researching health care: the current providers, facilities, insurance, and current issues.


lFlorida Council on Aging - A statewide network of professionals in aging committed to serving Florida ’s diverse aging interests through education, information-sharing and advocacy.


lFlorida Department of Elder Affairs A resource for those interested in researching every aspect, including the nuances of care for the elderly.


lFlorida Department of Health Allows you to look up information on individual medical providers such as physicians, home health aides, nurses, etc.


lFlorida Agency for Health Care Administration - Access to and information about Florida facilities, health care providers and gathered information relating to health care in the state of Florida



lFlorida Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment - The Florida Drug Rehab state page provides the reader with a quick overview of issues relating to drug and alcohol addiction and FL drug rehab centers. 


lFlorida State Guardianship Association - Dedicated to promoting the protection, dignity, and value of incapacitated persons through a code of ethics, advocacy, and the dissemination of information.


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