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Billing Module                                

Generating an Invoice for your end-of-month billing or viewing and printing a Statement of Activities for clients takes just a few clicks. 
You can also opt for add-on to export to QuickBooks for invoicing and accounting

The Invoice is a controlled numbered document of all open charges submitted to Client or
Responsible Third-party for payment of services for the selected month or ending date.

The Invoice has many customizable formats

A Statement is an historical record / document of all activities as billable items, dates, provider, activity description,
and duration, fees, rates, balances and activity notes - customizable format by date-range

Modules / Records: 

Activity Log  -  All Contacts  -  Allergies  -  Assessments  -  Assist. Items / Conditions / Diagnosis  -  Attachments  -  Billing / Invoicing

Care Plan  -  Case Lookup  -  Case Notes  -  Client Contacts  -  Client Demographics  -  Client Employment  -  Client Rates

Documents  -  Editing Notes  -  Forms  -  Groups  -  HIPAA  -  Hospitalizations  -  Immunizations  -  Insurances

Medical History  -  Medications Record  -  Physicians Office Visits  -  Payments  -  Physicians  -  Scheduler  -  Reports

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