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Edit Any Note Field                      

Editing Notes, Spell-Check and Edit in MS Word 
Using helpful features that are inherent in all Note field throughout the software!
 Just right-click" your mouse to select Spell-Check (using the MS Word dictionary) to open a "larger narrative field" in any module


When spell-check is complete window closes and you go back to Note field in CMPro

If you right-click and select Edit with MS Word a Temp (TMPCMPfile) opens as worksheet document and continue typing with all the Word editing features available

Select Save and Close and go back to Note field with added text as displayed below

Modules / Records: 

Activity Log  -  All Contacts  -  Allergies  -  Assessments  -  Assist. Items / Conditions / Diagnosis  -  Attachments  -  Billing / Invoicing

Care Plan  -  Case Lookup  -  Case Notes  -  Client Contacts  -  Client Demographics  -  Client Employment  -  Client Rates

Documents  -  Editing Notes  -  Forms  -  Groups  -  HIPAA  -  Hospitalizations  -  Immunizations  -  Insurances

Medical History  -  Medications Record  -  Physicians Office Visits  -  Payments  -  Physicians  -  Scheduler  -  Reports

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