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Documents Module                              
Added Value Feature
Create, Edit and Save 45 Legal Documents, Advance Directives and Letters - RTF Templates

Document Selections
Advance Directives
Advance Healthcare Directive Last Will & Testament Living Will Declaration
Designation of Healthcare Surrogate Consent to Withhold CPR Do Not Hospital Order
Agreement for Services Blank Service Contract
Emotional, Cognitive Document Inventory Initial Assessment Interview Help Questions MMSE
Nutritional Psychosocial Safety
Organ Donation Forms
Authorization of Organ Donation Refusal to Donate Form
Medical Records
Authorization for Transfer Requests Copy Medical Records 
 Powers of Attorney
Durable POA for Health Care General POA Revocation of POA Special POA
Abuse Policy Alternative Living Environments Disaster Classification Emergency Contacts Information
Emergency Preparedness if Hospitalized Medicine Pill Box
Plain English Explanation of Agreement  Vital Statistics   Problems List Referral Form
 Release and Consent 
Attorney Legal and Financial Records Photographic Release Physician Release
Release of Information
Special Request
Affidavit Death with Dignity Request Revocation of Document Special Wishes Request

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