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Assessment Module Overview

A software solution with features and ease-of-use not found in similar competitor products and the
answer you’ve been looking for that will save time and effort in completing client assessments. 
Point, click, edit and print!

(Setup allows creation of customized templates and answer wizards for any care, health
or any type of social services assessments specific to user requirements)

Chose from numerous Pre-Loaded Assessment categories, issues and answers / edit or add your own

ADL Sample Categories and Corresponding Issues displayed below

View and / or Print Samples below
Pre-Loaded Assessment Categories (You can add your own templates for fast and easy completion)
 View List or Print ADL / IADL Category Choices     Home Environment - Category Choices    
Behavioral - Category Choices

Modules / Records: 

Activity Log  -  All Contacts  -  Allergies  -  Assessments  -  Assist. Items / Conditions / Diagnosis  -  Attachments  -  Billing / Invoicing

Care Plan  -  Case Lookup  -  Case Notes  -  Client Contacts  -  Client Demographics  -  Client Employment  -  Client Rates

Documents  -  Editing Notes  -  Forms  -  Groups  -  HIPAA  -  Hospitalizations  -  Immunizations  -  Insurances

Medical History  -  Medications Record  -  Physicians Office Visits  -  Payments  -  Physicians  -  Scheduler  -  Reports

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