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  ToDo - Scheduler - Calendar   

Great Scheduler / ToDo Calendars for Client services, Provider or User with audible desktop pop-up reminders. 
Never miss another appointment


* Create a "Report / Listing" format or a printout Report in a monthly "graphic Calendar"
* Filter your report by date-range to include All Clients and / or All Care Managers schedules.
* Create "Recurring" tasks or visits for extended periods and not have to make several entries
* Set ”audible" desktop pop-up reminders" across your network to appear on all PCs or just the "Provider" PC
as a reminder - i.e., minutes, hours or days settings.

* Go back to the ToDo / Scheduler on the Client to mark the "completion" of the task on the Client ToDo and
if it was a "billable time or task" move into the Client's Activity Log to either generate a CMPro invoice or
have the data exported to QuickBooks for invoicing and accounting.  No double entries.

ToDos - Click Icon to select Client – ToDo / Scheduler

Added more criteria for display of various calendar formats


Added 4 new graphic calendar reports - Previous versions only allowed for “Listing” as displayed here

Now with additional choices you can view and print schedules in a graphic calendar format

Monthly (Portrait)

Monthly (Landscape)

Monthly (Landscape2) Allows display of several tasks by one or several providers in the same day


Modules / Records: 

Activity Log  -  All Contacts  -  Allergies  -  Assessments  -  Assist. Items / Conditions / Diagnosis  -  Attachments  -  Billing / Invoicing

Care Plan  -  Case Lookup  -  Case Notes  -  Client Contacts  -  Client Demographics  -  Client Employment  -  Client Rates

Documents  -  Editing Notes  -  Forms  -  Groups  -  HIPAA  -  Hospitalizations  -  Immunizations  -  Insurances

Medical History  -  Medications Record  -  Physicians Office Visits  -  Payments  -  Physicians  -  Scheduler  -  Reports

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